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bred to make an  IMPACT

RWG9 Neck Beard 29-3


Last Drop x Measure This (Dam of Attention and Clydesdale)

Bred by: RW Genetics
Owned by Thompson Brothers and Hendricks

Our exciting purchase at 2020 Belton! Out of the popular Last Drop and backed by a sow with longevity and the ability to generate herd boars. Study the picture! Study the elevation of shoulder, length of neck, and natural head carriage. Neck Beard can flat motor, being extremely square while being able to raise his head above his spine. Awesome rib and back shape. Huge feet and perfect square toes. Use Neck Beard to make Jr. show barrows and gilts. The difference we believe is, Neck Beard will make hogs better and have long term value in generations to come!



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