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Cruel Intentions x Baditude
$75,000 Exchange Purchase

Bred by Steve Cobb family
Semen: $150

There’s not a lot to say about this guy other than in our judgement. HE IS SPECIAL! HIS MOTHER IS SPECIAL! HIS SIRE HAS BEEN SPECIAL! Our read is that he is one that offers the uniqueness and extras everyone gets so excited about but he doesn’t give up structural integrity nor overall balance of design to achieve the wow factor! He’s incredibly square built, with the appropriate width of skeleton, ideal muscle pattern, bold and true turn to his rib cage, phenomenal hip and rear leg with awesome range of motion as he reaches and strides off both ends! We absolutely love how youthful he appears in his maturity and how it translates to a near perfect kind of heavy bone structure that’s still clean and flat, not coarse and round. We think as we analyze all the good this one offers and his parentage it becomes pretty obvious this one can do it all and be capable of generating winning show barrows, as well as females and potential boars that turn into exceptional breeding stock.

Mother of Legit